Property Styling


Chez B Property Styling specialises in styling and preparing properties for SALE. We are passionate about creating beautiful and inviting spaces that home owners will love and buyers cannot resist.

Whether you are about to sell your home, you are an investor, or you are an existing home owner wanting to create that “WOW” factor within your home, Chez B offers a range of professional styling services to suit any budget. 




How does it work?


Every home is different.

Chez B offers a DIY and Premium Package to allow you to choose the best suited service for your needs and budget.


First Stage:  The Consultation



Whether you are about to sell your home, about to invest in a home, or you are an AirBNB host, our home styling journey begins with a FREE 15 minute consultation over the phone where we discuss your needs, and your vision. 


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Second Stage:  Site Visit


Chez B will visit your home at your convenience to discuss your requirements, whether you are looking for partial styling, full styling or just need some trusted, professional advice.

From furniture placement and de-cluttering, to a fresh coat of paint and trades coordination, Chez B will implement an action plan for you.


Your pre-sale Property Styling Consultation includes:

•    Detailed room-by-room analysis, identifying each room’s strengths and areas that need attention

•    De-cluttering and de-personalisation advice

•    Furniture placement advice using existing furniture

•    Styling advice, renovation, or touch-up suggestions to appeal to your target market

•    Street appeal advice

•    Additional furniture and accessory suggestions, and where to find them

•    Written action plan


The cost for this service is $320

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Second Stage: Styling 


So you have decided that you would like to engage Chez B’s services to style your property before it goes on the market.

What happens next?

Chez B will provide you with a quote and a list of furniture and décor items that have been carefully chosen to best suit your property.

Depending on your budget we can concentrate on the rooms that will make the greatest impact to a person viewing your property, or, provide a full service where we style your entire home.

There are several options to consider for staging your property.



Premium Only

Rent the items from Chez B for the 4-6 week period that your home will be marketed.

Chez B prides its business on using high quality, timeless pieces of furniture that will give your home the WOW factor and appeal to the target market most likely to purchase your home.



DIY and Premium Package.

Chez B offers a shopping service where we shop with or for you for décor items you may wish to use in the styling of your home and own and take with you once your property has SOLD.



DIY and Premium Package.

This is a cost effective option for those that have a tight budget or would like to do most of the work themselves.

Chez B will come to your home and help you arrange your furniture that you either own or have rented yourself.



Third Stage: Time frame


On styling day we do all the work and you go out to lunch! 

The Chez B team moves in the furniture and décor that has been carefully chosen to make your property look its best.

Your agent can be ready to start marketing your property the very next day.

It’s important that all home maintenance and de-cluttering has been completed prior to styling day, and that any of your own furniture that won’t be used in styling has been placed in storage before Chez B and her team arrive to style your home.


The time frame between consultation and styling day varies depending on how much work needs to be done to your property before it's ready to go on the market. It can be as quick as a day or two, or a longer period of 1-2 weeks if your property requires a little more preparation.



Fourth Stage: Your property has SOLD


After your home has sold we promptly remove all the furniture items that have been rented.

If your home has not sold within the 4 - 6 week period, there is an option to extend your rental period on a week by week basis. 





“I’ve just moved into my new home and want help.”

Chez B also caters for clients that have moved into their new home and need advice on purchasing furniture and décor, as well as assistance with furniture placement and other ideas to help your new place look amazing and feel like home.